"If you want to find your happy place, just go to the library." ~ Lizzie K. Foley, Author

Horror on the Homefront

Well, this has nothing to do with work, really…. I took a half-day yesterday to take my now-15 year old daughter out for her birthday. Our first stop was the dreaded DMV. That was an adventure in itself as there was a man up there ranting about his daughter being killed, and later his cousin, and then he went to prison and served 7 years of his 25 year sentence, but no one ants to hire him as a masseuse and it’s not fair because he doesn’t eat pork. But even worse…. My baby girl passed her tests and was given her learners permit.


As we were pulling out of the DMV, waiting at a stoplight, a car carrier drove past carrying a load of squashed cars. My darling daughter immediately pipes up with, “Look, Mama! That’s what your car’s gonna look like soon! ”


Do children not realize that this sort of comment does not instill confidence? Most terrifying day of my life. Lol


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